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(2016-2021) Based in Coppell, Texas


Graphic Designer (5 years) & UX/UI Designer (2 years)

  • Graphic Design: Creating Promotions for (B2B/B2C) Corporate, Colleges, University, Frat & Sorority or "Greek Life", etc Custom visuals both in and out their Brand Guidelines with Approval

  • UX/UI: User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Wire-frame, Prototyping & A/B Testing, Launched


Advanced-Online began a redesign of its entire B2B/B2C Merchandise Websites with the vision of becoming a New and Improved updated platform, to fit its Clientele needs and wants, also to modernize selves to the new web standards

The goal of this particular project was to identify any usability issues and frustrations with the current platform with the beta release and determine the critical features to prioritize for the next iteration of the product.

Client Merchandise Sites

Worked with Engineering & Developer Team From Wire Frame to Prototype in updating Clients Merchandise site to meet their needs up to date, also created the site graphics to match each client's needs and wants! (2019-2020)

  • Implemented a design process. This has helped our team establish more structure to how we conduct our work and allow other teams to gain visibility across our upcoming sprints.

  • Improved usability across the platform. No usability tests were conducted by the external consultancy before the development teamin handoff. Since we established a design team, we have been actively working towards conducting UX research and usability testing on all projects.

  • Establishing a design kit. This has helped to maintain consistency in the look and feel across different parts of the platform.

  • Establishing a design system. This has helped the Engineering and Product teams to understand how and why we choose to implement certain components over others.


Old Wire Framing (below)

Old Wire Frame with Branding

Keeping Clients Custom Merch & Branding client in mind, and approval, along with created articles) I created the sties articles and background and sent the approved layout to the development team to Deploy

👇Keep Scrolling here comes the Fun Part👇

New Wire Frame

Working & Collaborating with developers, we both teamed up and made a new website experience by updating both the visual & function of the clientele's websites, with the new updates, we strived to meet both the clients' and users' standards. Alleviating pains and Frustrations with an up to date modern methods.

(Wireframe is showing layout sizes wireframe for future use, for program managers, clients, or others)

New Wire Frame with Branding

TSYS merch mockup
TSYS Merch Store image

Staying within the company's branding, with custom images, I would send a mockup to the client to review, the Client has approved Graphics / Mockup. I then would upload approved graphics and communicate with developers to launch the site with approval!

Examples (Live) Site Links:

Note: Sites Graphics might have been updated/altered since my time of leave


While working with the Development team on updating sites, i also had a small role and the pleasure, of giving feedback and ideas, Over the needs, wants, and frustrations that my team was having uploading site graphics, with this was creating in the background an uploading asset system for better user flow. Unfortunately, I did not stay to help and continue with this, due to I had another opportunity/job offer


Extras! Extras! Before & After Sites!

Old Wire Frame

NEW Wire Frame


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