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Based in Dallas, Texas (Feb/2021 - Feb/2022)


UX/UI Designer (1 Year)

  • User Research

  • Interaction

  • Visual Design

  • Hifi-Prototyping

  • Testing

  • Finding UX & UI Issues


Creating & Redesign a B2B Asset Organization System (SaaS) with the vision of becoming a New and Improved updated platform, to fit their Clientele's needs and wants, also to modernize selves to the new web standards

The goal of this particular project was to identify any usability issues and frustrations with the current Organization System with the beta releases and determine the critical features to prioritize for the next iteration of the product.

Updates and WorkFlows

On reviewing past work, I applied UI / UX knowledge with in mind, to help with user workflow, reduce clicks, made clean layouts, with user needs & frustrations.


Unfortunately, my role came to an end, and with the difficulty of which economic standpoints due to COVID-19 I and others were laid off due to funding, and GraphxSource is now in a state of Maintenance Mode


Below are projects I have worked on and mocked up, I have blurred/removed the client Logos and information (not in order)

(Images Below is an example of before and after of updating the site for better function)

Research / Quick Paper Wireframe / Feedback


Design Guides

Quick Video Mobile Testing

Gallery - is a few images that were worked on, these images were saved and exported from both Adobe XD & Figma


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