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Lager Beer (College)

Class Project at TCCD ( Not a Real Client)


This project was created over the start of the Pandemic, so due to limited sources, I had to create the products but the logos were provided by my instructor

Client Merchandise Sites

Worked with Engineering & Developer Team From Wire Frame to Prototype in updating Clients Merchandise site to meet their needs up to date, also created the site graphics to match each client's needs and wants! (2019-2020)

  • Implemented a design process. This has helped our team establish more structure to how we conduct our work and allow other teams to gain visibility across our upcoming sprints.

  • Improved usability across the platform. No usability tests were conducted by the external consultancy before the dev handoff. Since we established a design team, we have been actively working towards conducting UX research and usability testing on all projects.

  • Establishing a design kit. This has helped to maintain consistency in the look and feel across different parts of the platform.

  • Establishing a design system. This has helped the Engineering and Product teams to understand how and why we choose to implement certain components over others.


Wire Frame

Product Design

Took initiative to create the products in photoshop to make it feel like the real client, created 5 different "flavors" some are seasonal to add some variety

HiFi Wireframe

After Research, and image searching with following the Brand colors from the logo that was provided, The site was put together to simulate a Lager company website!



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